My Story

When I first moved out of home at the young age of 18, bright- eyed and ready for a new adventure and with a lot to learn still, I found myself following what a lot of people would call the social norm, I found myself believing the only way to travel and explore our beautiful country and the world was to work for someone else's benefit. That's when I found myself looking for a pathway that would allow me to adventure without working shift work and feeling like I was chained to one location.

I wanted to be able to spend more time doing what I loved and actually be able to make memories with my family and friends and be present in mind and body. To begin with I allowed intrusive thoughts like "I should just stick to what I know" and "I don't have that much experience in the online space, can I really make something for myself? " steer me away from this possibility, then I took a leap of faith and discovered...

The Freedom Affiliate

This framework provided me with the subtle push and drive I needed to get in control of my own business and educate myself, the best part was having the freedom to work wherever I wanted and whenever I wanted.